You're Messaging More Than You Think You Are


You’re sending an awful lot of messages. Every moment through every medium. Even when you sleep, you're sending a message to yourself and to others that you acknowledge your humanity, your need for rest and that you value your health enough to go to bed. Yes, you know that you send all sorts of messages through words, body language and other non-verbal signals, but have you ever thought you’re sending a message to your employees by having them punch a time clock? Surely you’ve thought about the message you send your customers through the appearance of your place. You don’t keep it clean only because of health inspectors, right? 

Everyone is sending messages, but as a business owner, you’re in a unique position because your messages effect many people's lives.  You know the impact if you've ever worked for anyone else. The reality of it is - the legacy you leave pivots on the messages you communicate through every extension of your decisions, every day

You have the power to send messages of care, design, intention and beauty with each moment you have. When this is forgotten or worse, when priorities are skewed towards short-term gain instead of what’s best, messages are more reckless and destructive. Recognize that you’re messaging one way or another - so please message mindfully.

What are some unique ways you are intentional with the messages that you send to people, both inside and outside of your business? Is your business structured in a specific way to send a clear message to guests? Do your employees receive messages of trust and care in a unique way?