Three Words To Handle With Care

I’ll admit it -  I do it. It’s just clearer. You understand the relationships more clearly if I use them. We distill complexities down to labels for simplicity. But I think the labels help us forget that they’re people and instead cause us to see them more as a means to accomplishing business goals.





We’re all people.


Customers are not revenues. Do they have spending power? Yes. But they are not a means to profit. They are people.

Employees are not cogs to make the machine go. Do they work to move your business forward? Yes. But they are not a means to generate revenue. They are people.

Owners are not the blueprint or the gasoline. Do you design and provide fuel for your business? Yes. But you are not the plan or the powertrain. You are a person.

 Original photo by   Sascha Beck.

Original photo by Sascha Beck.

Sometimes our mental semantics aren’t a big deal. But sometimes they matter greatly. When we forget that we are people, we operate our businesses and lives like machines working to churn out a profit. We miss the uniqueness of those we serve, we miss the beauty in those we work alongside and we dismiss the value of our own creative hearts. We neglect the humanity in us.

You are a person. You, in your fullness, are not your labels. Neither are those around you. Don’t let people be boiled down to a means to accomplish business goals. Remember the deep, incredible humanity of those around you today.

Please know that when I use labels, there is an invisible mental asterisk reminding me that we are all people. You’re welcome to implement your own as well. I promise I won’t sue for copyright infringement.