The Best Way to Run Your Business

There is a best way to run your business.

If there were no best, there would be no need to hunt it down, no need to try to create it. The best way might change from day to day, but there is a best way. In fact, part of the ever-interesting work of a business owner is the continual hunt of the best for their business while balancing with constraints. Yes, it would be amazing to have the finest designer plates in the restaurant, but what about the budget, practicality and priorities. Having the best doesn’t always mean its the best for your business. Designing the best fit - that is the puzzle you get to figure out each day. There is a best way.

If there is a best, there is certainly a worst. When you are wrapped up in your security or ego instead of creating a better world through the service or product you offer, you are likely doing it the worst way. But you entrepreneurs, stay in it, seeking the best way - crushing pride and complacency along the way. It's not easy to figure out the best. But each day you keep seeking it, it gets a little easier to figure out what matters and what doesn’t - and ultimately what is best for your business. For the sake of your customers, your employees and yourself, please keep seeking to figure out the best -

because the fight for the best is, in and of itself, the best way to run your business.