How To Make Running Your Business Easier

Starting a business is challenging. Managing a business is challenging. 

But sometimes these are challenging when they don't need to be

 Original photo by  Death To The Stock Photo .

Original photo by Death To The Stock Photo.

You do one thing really well - maybe it's crafting product, maybe it’s managing money, maybe it’s doing marketing. Maybe you even do several things really well. But it’s probably not true that you’re talented in every area. As humans, we have strengths and weaknesses. The problems occur when we’re trying to do our weaknesses.

Certain things in your business are easy for you. You know what to do. You can do it better and faster than the average bear.  But certain things are confusing, difficult and time-consuming for you to do. This is normal. You get dealt some strengths and some weaknesses. No one is perfect in every area.

The great news is that there are a lot of people in the world that have your weaknesses as their strengths. They aren’t good at what you are good at, but they’re good at your weaknesses. The key is to connect with these people - call them, get advice, let them in, hire them and work with them.

If you don’t find people who are strong where you are weak, running your business will be far more difficult than it has to be.

Furthermore, you actually hold your business back from its full potential when you don’t get help from others. 

So let’s look at 7 practical steps to make running your business easier:

  1. Answer these questions: What are you great at? What is really challenging for you?
  2. Decide that you aren’t going to try to do everything on your own, because it’s not what's best for you or your business.
  3. Search for others who are great at what you’re weak in. If it’s managing money and how that translates into managing your business - look for an accountant who does management accounting. If it’s business, growth or strategic planning, I can help you with that. If it’s marketing, find a marketer. It’s not a complicated process.
  4. Contact them. Talk to them. Defer to them
  5. Follow their expertise. 
  6. Watch your business grow. 
  7. Repeat as needed.

Truly great business leaders are those that surround themselves with people who are great at what they do. Make your business less challenging today by finding those who will make the difficult parts easier.

Are you in North Carolina? I have loved talking to the people at the NC Business Link Hotline. They have been so helpful in steering me towards the resources and information I need. If you haven't talked to them yet, they may show you exactly what you need to make running your business easier.