How to Increase Sales Beyond What You Ever Thought Possible

I want to create the next "iPhone". I'm not talking generation 7. I'm talking the ground-breaking product that revolutionized the cell phone (and GPS and camera and social media and mp3 player) market way back in 2007. It's the dream isn't it? To create some product or service that literally changes an entire industry. To create something that motivates droves of people excited about the next generation. It's actually really simple and completely difficult to make it happen. It's elementary and yet seemingly, though not, impossible to increase your sales beyond what you ever thought possible. 

It all lies in design.


We are inherently attracted to intentional, thoughtful design. We marvel at it. We want to own it, make it ours. Our lives are made easier by it. Everything from lawnmowers to door handles to dresses all contain some level of design that makes us want it. They are intended for some inherent purpose. But what edges out the competition? Maybe it’s the lawnmower that has an electric start and a pull chain start - because this allows for either method to start it if one frustratingly doesn’t work. Maybe it's the door handle with the keypad built in so you can get into your house if you lock yourself out. Maybe it's the dress that is so perfectly cut that you have to buy it.

Highly-designed, thoughtfully-created-with-the-customer-in-mind products carry a higher price tag because they have more features, are more specialized or are higher quality. But they also have a more loyal customer base, gain more positive word of mouth and are desired by more consumers than a lesser-designed counterpart. Maybe you aren’t selling cutting-edge technology, maybe you’re not even selling a product. But the level of design you put in will correlate with how attracted customers are to what your business offers as well as the likelihood that they'll do the advertising for you.

Consider where more design is needed. Maybe your restaurant needs to be redesigned to allow guests to see the chefs cook. Maybe you need to redesign your office layout to serve your clients better. Maybe your forms need to be redesigned to be more readable, streamlined or even market-changing.

Don’t undervalue design. Your business’s lofty sales goals rests on it.


Some supremely designed-with-the-customer-in-mind items for inspiration:

What is your favorite highly-designed product? What have you designed that has served customers excellently and consequently increased sales?