How To Do Social Media When You Don't Want To Do Social Media But You Have To Do Social Media - Part Dos

As prefaced earlier, I found myself in a challenging place at the beginning of the month when I wanted to launch this blog but disliked social media, which seemed necessary to get the blog out there. I’ve learned a few things through the process and want to share them with you. You’re currently in Part II of the Series.

These next points are two sides of the same coin:

2. Know thyself and thy business and rock it out.

It seems that you can get eaten alive on social media - both by yourself and by others. This is largely the reason I avoided it as much as possible. I’d get on facebook occasionally to “like” a few friends’ updates or keep in touch with people, but mostly I felt lost in a sea of pretty people’s lives. It’s hard. But you don’t have to be those people and you don’t have to have a business like everyone elses’. You and your business are unique. Be yourself on social media. No one needs more of the same. You are needed in all your extraordinary rareness. No one is doing you better than you - you’ve got a locked-down monopoly on that good. Let others see it.

3. Don’t look too much at what others are doing.

 Do look at others, because you can’t know and care for them without looking - but know your threshold for when you start comparing and self-loathing kicks in. If you can kick all that comparing and self-loathing to the curb, great - but if you can’t then know your limits of digging around.

Also, don’t look too much at what others are doing because it can be a wormhole that sucks all your time and dilutes your creative energy. Besides comparing and self-loathing, I seem to become less creative when I spend too much time on Pinterest - I start to copy what I’ve seen instead of being who I am and letting that inform my work. Retain your original self by resisting the flood. Again, I’m not saying you should ignore what’s on social media entirely - there is much to be learned and an entire world to reach, but if you struggle like I do, it may be best in small doses.

Good stuff to come in the final two parts of the series. Share your thoughts on the benefit of being yourself online and social media potentially watering down your creativity in the comments.