How To Do Social Media When You Don't Want To Do Social Media But You Have To Do Social Media - Part III

As prefaced earlier, I found myself in a challenging place at the beginning of the month when I wanted to launch this blog but disliked social media, which seemed necessary to get the blog out there. I’ve learned a few things through the process and want to share them with you. You’re currently in Part III of the Series.

For Part III, there are 3 concise points:

4. Be careful about what you promote that isn’t your original content.

You can only be accountable for your decisions and choices in life. In some ways, you’re aligning yourself with the people and organizations whose content you share. When I do share others’ content, it’s not only because I actually like it, but also because my ethos is at least somewhat aligned with them as well. Consider the source and the entire message of the content before sharing.

5. Post judiciously and thoughtfully.

Put the same thought into social media as you would any other messages you would send in your life. You don’t have to, nor should you always push everything out to every platform. Different sites have different purposes and audiences. Be mindful of where you want to communicate something and why.

6. Acknowledge that your online presence is not you or your business in its fullness.

Social media platforms cannot even begin to capture the fullness of your business, let alone who you are. You can create expectations on social media, but there is so much more to you and your business, so don’t take it all too seriously or personally. 

There is one more valuable part left in the series coming next week.