How To Do Social Media When You Don't Want To Do Social Media But You Have To Do Social Media - Part I

I found myself in an interesting place in the beginning of this month when I decided I wanted to launch this website. I read countless places that the way to have your blog actually make a difference, to get it out there so people could read it, was through social media. This was a huge problem to me because I really didn't like social media.

And because I’m currently the boss - I didn’t have to do social media. No one was going to make me. And yet, like sandpaper on my skin it grinded against me. I knew that all those blog posts and articles were probably right. More than that, I do want people to read this because I want it to actually make a difference in the world, not just be a collection of articles for my personal achievement.

And so the weekly series:

How To Do Social Media

When You Don’t Want To Do Social Media

But You Have To Do Social Media

Part I -

I’m not going to hold out on you and leave the most helpful tip for the last post of the series. I’m going to give you what was the all-encompassing, motivating, game-changer for me right now:

1. Think about the thing you don’t like the most on social media and do the opposite on social media.

Hate when people post irrelevant drivel all the time? Great - don’t post often and when you do, make it worth it. Hate humble brags and constant gorgeous selfies?  Do the opposite - be authentically vulnerable, Show Your Real and own your brags. Hate the constant self-promotion, look-at-me nature of it all? Make it about someone or something else. Use it to get to know others, serve and care for them. Hopefully your business serves others too, so getting its name out there may actually be a way to serve others, rather than self-promo for the sake of profit.

The idea of being able to be a part of raising the bar on social media has been the most comforting and motivating reason for me to be more active on it. Also, since I’ve been more active on it these past few weeks, I’ve been witnessing more actual community and people caring for each other in it than I was before. This is because my perspective has changed. After deciding to no longer vilify social media but instead when I sought to be a part of bettering it, or rather join many people who are already using it to better the world, my eyes have been open to see the good that was there all along.

Even though this was pivotal, there’s more useful stuff to come in How To Do Social Media When You Don’t Want To Do Social Media But You Have To Do Social Media (aka the longest series title). Please throw your useful tips on how to do social media for your business when you don't want to in the comments section.