How to Build a Great Business

Time, discipline and hard work vs. short-cuts and short-term gain

Every time you cut-corners, water down, fudge numbers or misrepresent, you incrementally rob yourself of the long-term, great-sleep-at-night value that you hope to bring to the world and to the business of your dreams. Just like training for a marathon - sure, you can cheat on one training run, skip a few miles here and there, but come race day, you’re not going to be as fast, you’re not going to feel as good and you’re not going to be as proud of the race you ran - because you know deep down that you robbed yourself of the best by choosing easier things weeks earlier.

Choose the good, hard work today. Choose the difficult conversation, the investment in value and take time for your well-being when you feel the pinch to do so. Because you know that it is building something great in you and in your business.

A marathon champion became that way step by step by thousands of deliberate steps.