Beauty and the Business


One of my more recent jobs was in a fairly non-descript office. It had floor to ceiling windows on the offices, from which the higher-ups could view the pretty courtyard or alternatively the concrete parking garage.  However, my view, along with the majority of other employees’, was gray cubicle backing and fluorescent lights. The one item that regularly caught my eye was the sleek stainless steel planters with healthy, yellow striped snake plants striving toward the ceiling. My eyes would rest on them occasionally and it was comforting to view their vibrate colors and life right beside me. Yes, I could have brought in my own plants, I could have hung pictures and brought beauty to it myself, but I did not want to settle into that cubicle. But why did I value those plants so much? Simple - life and beauty.

Not saying your business it ugly, but it could always use beauty. Your employees are humans and humans crave beauty. Humans are not machines, happy to hum along, producing products or processing paperwork without end. We are unique beings with souls and creativity and a need for beauty. We travel to see the world differently, because we’ve grown numb to the beauty around us. We visit gardens, we paint, we visit nice restaurants, we sing, we clean up messes, we add color to spreadsheets....

So maybe your place is already beautiful. Maybe it’s a cafe with fresh flowers and bright colors. Maybe it’s clean architecture and your product is sleek and beautiful. Maybe your employees add beauty to the world with the way they serve your customers. Surely, you see something beautiful in your business. But we can grow numb to the beauty around us. Switch it up. Add a new basket near your cash register to display your product (bonus - also puts it closer to the customer reach). Switch out your light fixtures for something more attractive. Add plants or a painting or live music. When you add beauty, you send the message that you understand that your employees, your clients and you are not just droids working to add digits to your monthly revenue. You are humans, trying to make life better each day through your work.