Random Conversations Are More Welcome Than You May Think

In Starbucks today, a barista was putting up a window cling-on sign near the door with updated hours it would be open. I was sitting close to the door and he struck up a conversation with me - "Having all the fun today?"

"What's that?"

"Are you having all the fun today or only a little bit of fun?"

"Eh, a little bit of fun."

"Are you working or in school?" 


"Oh yeah, what are you working on?"

The convo went on. It was a simple gesture but it was also so encouraging. It's the only in-person conversation I had in hours, save for ordering my drink. It's always awkward to try to make conversation with a stranger. It's always risky. You don't know if they're going to blow you off or act too busy to talk. Yet, more often than you think, it can be such a blessing to the person you've pursued with your attention. Connection is what we were made for.

Consider taking off your headphones today when you're on the subway and getting to know the person next to you. You have no idea the difference it can make. 

Thanks for the convo today red-bearded barista. I appreciate it.