Photo courtesy of @hopecyclery.

Photo courtesy of @hopecyclery.

My story

I've always wanted to improve things. Relationships, houses, recipes and every organization I've been a part of. 

My skills are discernment, unwavering commitment to excellence and giving truth even when it's hard. I easily see through things and can tell what's needed. I care so completely about things being right. I always want to give you truth out of what's best for you.

I have a heart for small businesses. I have romantic notions that the world would be better if every person did what was written in him or her. I work with artisans, craftsman and anyone passionately invested in their products. I help passionate people with the best products succeed.

My purpose is to come alongside artisans, craftsman and people monetizing their passions to help them create healthy, structured businesses. I help plan, structure and educate so that you can manage your business and better the world with it.

Facts and opinions:

  • I have an almost life-long business education. My dad started an auctioneering business when I was young and I’ve been studying businesses since then.
  • I have a B.S. in biology and an M.B.A. in management and I've known people far more intelligent than me who never went to college. Education is important, but it isn't everything. 
  • I love the creative challenge of baking.
  • I'm a contributor at Successful Blog.
  • I find working out and alternative rock cathartic. 
  • I’ve been fired once, which I was told is one of the best things that can happen to you and though I wouldn’t have agreed at the time, I couldn’t agree more now. In light of this, know you don't have to hide your "failures" around me. You're not your failures and neither am I.
  • I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, now I'm a Raleighian.
  • I love my pitbull Macie, my counterpoint husband Mike and my life-Savior Jesus.
  • I’m also a person, like you, using my resources to make a difference in the world.

You have a story too and yours is original and purpose-filled.

Let’s better the world with our businesses,